Coping with Covid-19

Our firm had always observed hygiene and we had always placed a hand sanitizer at our front counter. Since end January 2020, we stepped up on the cleanliness level and instructed all our staff to sanitize our hands regularly. We have since put in place the strict practice of sanitizing our meeting room after each use and we rigorously observe health-safety measures such as the wearing of masks at all times, temperature taking, safe distancing, etc.

Our operation is uninterrupted during this period. So far as possible, we will conduct remote meetings. We have concluded several hearings and mediation sessions using Zoom. Our Commissioner cum Notary Public is also registered and fully-equipped to conduct commissioning through video-conferencing.

We will continue to strictly observe the safety measures to ensure the safety of our clients and our loved ones. Together, we stand united with all to fight and to cope with this difficult and unprecedented crisis.

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