Notable proceedings

Lim Kieuh Huat and Anor v Lim Teck Leng (Lin Delong) and Anor [2020] SGHC 181 is just one of the many recent cases that kept our counsel busy – representing the first defendant pro bono. Striking a balance between giving back to society and generating revenue can be challenging but our counsel will do her best.

Other reported cases (many more are unreported) handled by our counsel are:

  • UUC v UUD [2019] SGFC 39
  • In the matter of BJU (infant) [2013] SGDC 75
  • Chow Mun Lup v Hah Yin Lin [2012] SGDC 221
  • BEP v BEQ [2012] SGDC 348
  • Leong Joon Hei v Loh Poh Chung [2010] SGDC 209
  • Public Prosecutor v Li Yxxx Gxxxx and Another [2009] SGDC 110 (name redacted)
  • Public Prosecutor v Ixxxx Axxxxx
  • Somwonkwan Sharinrat v Wong Hong Sang Maurice and another [2021] SGHC 127

Ms Lai had represented professionals and diplomats in criminal cases. She had defended numerous criminal cases – a couple of which involving sexual offences charges. She had also successfully made representations to reduce the number of charges preferred against the accused and made persuasive mitigation pleas.

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